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Bitcoin Informant and Richard Heart talk HEX, Ethereum margin trading, Decentralized Finance, Ponzi.

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Added Crypto Exchange

Bitcoin Informant and Richard Heart talk HEX, Ethereum margin trading, Decentralized Finance, Ponzi.


HEX did 8x price in the 31 days! for a 10% bonus when you Free claim or Transform ETH into HEX. Exchange: Claim free HEX tokens! The first high interest blockchain Certificate of Deposit (time deposit.) Programmed to pump. Over $1.5 Billion dollars of BTC have claimed their Free HEX! Stake it till you make it! Richard Heart: Cryptocurrency founder, Bitcoin thought leader, , author, serial entrepreneur. Bitcoin Informant (Dennis) can be found at:
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Price calls
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Yes, I know the color is oversaturated/magenta.
00:00 Bitcoin Informant's Introduction
00:32 Richard's Background
01:25 Maximalism
02:32 Crypto Adoption / Use Cases
05:37 Maximalism
07:41 Inflation Bugs
09:24 Trash Talkers In Crypto
11:46 Scalability VS Adoption
12:35 Crypto Use Cases
15:48 Uselessness of KYC / TSA
18:48 Longevity Research
21:37 HEX Day 1 FOMO / Launch
22:30 Scams VS HEX
25:15 Free Claim / AA ETH Ratio
26:57 Stakers Get Inflation (+Referrers / BTC Holders)
28:57 Future Market Supply
30:08 Exchanges
30:20 Lightning VS ZK Rollups
32:23 Bitcoin Confirmation Times
33:22 Bitcoin and Poverty
33:43 HEX is Designed to Pump
34:37 Bitcoin VS Ethereum
36:00 Emergency Unstake Penalties
38:16 HEX Innovations / Uniswap
40:22 HEX / Transparency
41:23 Ponzi-like Schemes
42:29 AA ETH VS Haters
43:15 "Scams"
45:04 Minting Your Own HEX
45:37 Using HEX If Richard Dies
47:30 HEX VS ICOs
48:28 Where AA ETH Goes (Howey Test)
48:45 Crypto Debates
50:06 PlusToken Ponzi
51:02 Halvening Prediction
53:32 Rational Actors and Blockchain (HEX)
55:37 Ethereum POS and Upgrades
56:53 Centralization /
58:21 Crypto Trilemma
59:50 Institutional Dumps
01:00:36 HEX Success / Investing in HEX
01:02:02 HEX If Ethereum Dies
01:02:58 Building on HEX
01:04:43 HEX Trustlessness
01:07:07 Margin Trading / Shorting HEX
01:12:31 HEX Supply
01:20:21 CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
01:20:53 HEX is Not a Security
01:23:50 Atomic Swaps
01:25:11 Crypto Adoption
01:26:07 How to Stake / Use AA
01:28:26 Conclusion / Important Links

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